How to identify a good massage therapist


Massage therapy has a lot of health and leisure benefits. However, it is important for the therapy to be done right for the benefits to be seen and felt. For proper massage therapy, you need a professional massage therapist. Unlike popular belief, massage is not just moving hands in different parts of the body. It is a skill that needs to be learned and to be done by a skilled person. Apart from the right skills, a massage therapist should also have other qualities.

Qualities of a good massage therapist

Good listener

A good massage therapist should be a good listener. Once you go to the spa, the first thing that the massage therapist should do is to ask about your massage needs. Determining the massage needs will determine the massage therapy approach that will be used. A good therapist should listen to your needs attentively and also ask about your concerns. A massage is a very sensitive procedure and it is important for you to be comfortable with the massage therapist by communicating your needs to them. The therapist should be attentive and keen to your needs.


Personal and premises hygiene

Once you visit a massage therapist, take time and look at their personal hygiene and also hygiene of the premises. The place should be clean and organized. The massage bed should be comfortable, and the towels should be clean. Personal hygiene is also important the therapist should be presentable and neat. All these are signs that the massage therapist takes the job seriously.

Thorough and precise

Even if you have never had a massage therapy session, you can easily differentiate between a good therapist and an amateur. It all comes down to the thoroughness and precision in the way they do the massage. Most of the massage therapist use their hands, and a good therapist should be good with their hands. You should be able to feel their skill just from the way they offer the massage.


Certification and training

Just like any other profession, massage therapists are trained. No one should lie to you that they are self-taught. To be a good massage therapist, you must at least have some level of training. Most of the time massage therapy is part of the bigger health profession so training and certification should never be underestimated when it comes to massage therapy.