Tips For Finding The Right Field Hockey Stick


The hockey stick has evolved over the ages as the technology used in manufacturing them has come a long way since the hand carved first sticks. Playing professional hockey requires practice, skill, and hard work, as well as some technicality and a lot of it, depends upon the kind of gear such as field hockey stick you choose. This hockey equipment is the prime accessory of the game, and the performance of a player depends in ltgwed6cyh27wedu8i29arge part on it.

Therefore, it is essential for you to choose the right one to play with. While making your pick, you need to consider a few important things to determine the best fit for you. It is a significant factor to determine how well you are going to play the game. The hockey sticks of today offer a great level of performance and durability. When it comes to hockey sticks, the same type of sticks is used by both the right-handed and the left-handed and players as both hands are needed to control it. A hockey stick features a grip, shaft, a flat area and a curved hook. Players grip a stick positioning their right hand at the base of the grip and the left hand close to the top of the stick. The ball is hit with the flat area of the stick.

The weight of the stick

The first and foremost feature of a hockey stick to considering is its weight. It has to be heavy enough so that you get the desired power to your shots and at the same time it needs to be light enough for you to hold. The choice should be made depending on the position you are playing in.

Lighter stick is ideal for the forward position to move it swiftly and easily, a heavy stick is better for a defender to ensure hard hits and stop powerful shots, whereas, the medium weight stick is a perfect choice for the midfielders as it gives them both intensity and maneuverability. When talking about the professionals, most of the use medium-weight stick.

The length of the stick

The choice otgf2w3ed6h2w7eduj82f stick length should be made keeping your height and skill in mind. For the professional players, a longer stick should be the preferred option as it supports a better reach around them, whereas, for the beginners the stick that reaches just above the waist is a better choice.

Toe style of the stick

It stands for the area that is used to hit the ball and is available in four types: short, midi, maxi, and hook. Short is used by the players in the attack line; this lightly curved stick is ideal for dribbling. The moderately curved Midi can swivel around the ball easily and can stop moderate shots. Midi is useful for midfielders. Maxi is less curved than the Hook and performs best on a turf. The Hook is used by the defenders and highly skilled players and comes with the most curved aperture and is ideal for a grass surface.